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We know how it feels when the person on the other end of the line tells you that they are an auditor from the government. 


It can be truly scary if you haven't been audited before.


That's why we're here!


Get rid of the stress by enrolling in our Stress-Free Compliance Package or customize your own package to reduce your workload!

Did you know?

During 2018, 31,729 new entrant safety audits were performed resulting in 17,466 out-of-service orders issued.


This translates to a simple conclusion. During the first 12 months of any two trucking companies, one of them is ordered to stop operating for at least 30 days by the federal government.


Could your company survive 30 days out of business? Or would you violate the order and operate anyway risking a $10,000 fine for each day?

Stress-Free Package



Regulation Consulting

  1. Unlimited free consultations on Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA)

  2. Overloaded with incoming mail? Send it to us and we’ll explain.

  3. Unlimited DataQ’s – Requests for Data Review (RDR)


Records of Duty Status

  1. Log-book auditing

  2. Hours-of-service training

  3. Exemption clarification


Compliance Deadline Monitoring & Notification

  1. Mandatory biennial & inventory updates (MCS-150)

  2. Roadside inspection monitoring and reporting

  3. CDL & medical card expiration alerting

  4. Annual Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and driver re-evaluation

  5. Pre-emptive insurance rates comparison

  6. IFTA, IRP, 2290 Highway Tax and Weight Distance Tax permits filing & renewal reminders (not including service, state, and federal costs)


Audit Assistance

  1. Complete representation during safety audits and compliance reviews

  2. Dedicated Safety Management Plan and Corrective Action Plan assistance

  3. IRP and IFTA audits free recordkeeping training and consultation

  4. Oregon, New York, New Mexico, IRS Highway Tax audit consultations


Driver Qualification File Management

  1. Maintaining the most current copy of CDL, medical card, and MVR

  2. Employment and Medical Card verification

  3. Online and on-site employment application processing including DOT required forms plus any company specific agreements, policies, W9’s, etc.

  4. Pre-employment Screening Profile (PSP)

  5. MVR’s – state driving records 

  6. Drug test compliance verification

  7. Random drug testing program enrollment


Vehicle Maintenance File Management

  1. Vehicle profile & cost analysis

  2. Annual inspection monitoring and alerting

  3. Repair and maintenance records

  4. Schedule of services due

  5. Accident register

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 Improve Safety Scores
  • Lower your insurance  rates 

  • Earn new shipping contracts and keep the best ones

  • Hire higher quality  drivers

  • Increase driver retention

  • Less intensive roadsde inspections

Reduce Risk
  • Better regulatory compliance

  • Reduce or eliminate unforseen fines

  • Fewer accidents

  • Lower the chance of a lawsuit

Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce labor and work

  • Lower out-­of-­ service drivers and vehicles

  • Have more on‐time deliveries

  • Fewer costly roadside repairs

  • Stress-Free D.O.T. audits

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